Sound Healing Online Course

Sound Healing is a powerful practice that is used more and more to treat conditions such as anxiety, stress and restore harmony to thousands of people around the world. In this course you will learn step by step how to use sound and music as an effective relaxation and meditation therapy.

You will learn the basic principles to be a facilitator of sound and music therapeutic sessions.

The entire course is designed to be intuitive and very practical, so that you can integrate the knowledge at your own pace.

The course is made up of 13 classes that will take you by the hand to begin discovering the healing power of sound.

For each class you will receive a video in your email and we will have a group video call where we will deepen and clarify doubts. We will have one class per week.

You can see all the recordings when and how many times you need. Since they will be available for later consultation

During the course, I will be available via WhatsApp to answer any questions and give you personalized recommendations through short videos


Module I: The Basics

  1. Sound and vibration
  2. Sound healing foundations
  3. Getting ready for the session
  4. Vocal toning

Module II: Sounds that heal

  1. Overtone Singing
  2. Native Flutes
  3. Drums and Rhythm
  4. Bowls and bells
  5. Didgeridoo
  6. Mouth harp
    Extra class: Guitar / Ukelele tips

Module III: Facilitating a sound session

  1. Sound Healing Session: Part I
  2. Sound Healing Session: Part II

This course is an invaluable opportunity to get started on the path of sound therapy or soundhealing. You will have the opportunity to learn from a teacher with more than 12 years of experience and from a community of facilitators who are active in working with sound.

The next course starts on June 8th, 2023

The total price for the course is 550 USD.

Payment options

a. If you make all the payment at once you will get a discount and the course will be 490USD.

b. 2 payments of 275 USD

c. 3 payments of 183 USD

You can make your payment using PayPal:

After you make the payment, send me a message with a copy to:

Christopher Salvatierra
WhatsApp: +52 777 4485063


«It was my introduction to the world of sound therapy, something I will always be grateful to Christopher for. It is a very well explained, dynamic and easy to understand course that serves as a complete guide to use for a wide range of instruments, as well as learning how to organize sessions and create group energy.».

Diego Navanáiz. Spain

«I 100% recommend the course and tutoring that Chris carries out from the first moment, his accompaniment with each stage of the training, in addition, the material is super complete. And a great plus is being part of a great family of sound therapists who have created a great fraternity of constant growth».

Daniel Figueroa. Chile

«I highly recommend the courses Christopher teaches. He has a lot of patience to transmit knowledge, to use examples and explanations that are very easy to understand and to accompany you throughout the teaching-learning process. In addition, he is very attentive to follow up on queries after the courses. In general I recommend his courses and his way of teaching».

Marisol Araya. Costa Rica

About Chris Salvatierra

Chris Salvatierra en Tulum, Mexico

Sound therapist and musician. He started the path of healing sounds in 2009 when I met my teacher Louis Genelot (France), with whom he learned the basics of using sound as therapy and how to play instruments such as Didgeridoo, bamboo flutes, Tibetan bowls, and many more..

Since 2010 he gives meditative concerts, workshops and formations in different cities of Mexico, and to the whole world through the Internet

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